Tips for Working Good Oral Hygiene into a Busy Schedule

3 Warning Signs That You Need To Visit A Dentist For Treatment

Dental problems such as sensitivity, bad breath, and enamel erosion are common in people of all ages. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you observe good oral hygiene habits and visit a dentist if you encounter these problems. Failure to do this could lead to more complicated dental issues that need advanced treatments. For example, minor issues such as small cavities could lead to significant damages such as tooth or gum infections or tooth loss if left untreated. Read More 

2 Occasions When Your Dentist May Recommend Dental Implants

A dental implant is a titanium post, usually 3-4 millimeters in diameter. It is surgically inserted into the jaw tissue to serve as an anchor for replacement teeth. Some implants have anchors that are screwed or are glued to the bone with a special adhesive. Others are held in place by a process called osseointegration. In this process, a layer of tissue forms over the implant and securely holds it within the bone. Read More 

Which Tooth Replacement Method Is Best For Eating Normally?

When you have multiple missing teeth, eating can be difficult. Getting those teeth replaced is one way to get back to normalcy, but not every tooth replacement method is equal when it comes to providing you with a natural chewing and teeth-grinding experience. If you're curious about the differences between bridges, dentures, and dental implants, and which can give you the best results with eating naturally, here's what you should know. Read More 

This Is Why Your Children Should Get Their Teeth Examined Before Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, many children are already getting excited. Promises of Halloween celebrations tend to bring treats and snacks, which are fun and delicious for children to indulge in. However, it's important to make sure that your child's teeth are in good shape before they start indulging. Here's why it's so important to do this now. Sticky and Hard Treats Halloween is an interesting time in part because your child never knows what kind of treats they're going to come home with. Read More 

The Benefits Of Choosing Professional Teeth Whitening Services Over At-Home Whitening Kits

If you take a quick stroll down the oral health aisle at virtually any grocery, drug, or big box store, you are likely to see a wide variety of teeth whitening products. They range from toothpaste to whitening strips and even special lights that promise to give you a whiter smile. With so many different do-it-yourself options available for you to choose from, you may be wondering why you should even consider spending hours in a dentist's chair in order to receive a professional teeth whitening treatment. Read More