Tips for Working Good Oral Hygiene into a Busy Schedule

How Can You Tell If Your Child Needs Braces?

At some point or another many parents start asking themselves if their child needs braces. Knowing the signs that your child could benefit from braces will help you know when it's time to take your child to see a professional. How can you tell if your child needs braces? If your child's teeth are growing in crooked or are blocked entirely by other teeth, this is one of the first red flags that indicate that he or she needs braces. Read More 

Adult Spacers And Pain: Minimize Your Discomfort At Mealtime With Tofu

Although elastic, spring and wire spacers improve the position of your teeth, they make your gums feel sore and uncomfortable until you adjust to wearing them, especially when you eat. Because of your pain, you won't eat the foods that you need to maintain healthy gums. You can maintain good oral health and nutrition with iron and calcium fortified tofu. Tofu's smooth texture is easy to chew and digest. Here's how tofu helps you obtain what you need and a quick recipe to enjoy until you adjust to your spacers. Read More 

5 Braces Options For Image Conscious Adults

For the lucky, the awkward teen years were left behind in high school. Many people, however, are still trying to gain confidence in their appearance and are considering braces as an option. For those that may be averse to the dreaded "metal mouth", there are more attractive options. Clear Aligners Clear aligners are a series of trays that gradually shift teeth into place. Some common clear aligners are Invisalign, Clear Correct, Inman Aligner, and Smart Moves. Read More 

Know What To Expect After A Dental Bridge Procedure

A dental bridge can be a great way to restore your smile after you have lost a few teeth. A permanent dental bridge allows the bridge to stay in place all the time without moving when you eat or speak. It is important to know what to expect after getting the dental bridge permanently affixed to your smile though. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about the recovery process after having a permanent dental bridge placed in your mouth. Read More 

Two of Your Dental Implant Concerns

Dental implants can be a great choice for those that are needing to replace a tooth that has been knocked out or extracted. These implants are directly attached to the bone in the jaw, which makes it one of the more durable options. However, it is common for patients to have a weak understanding of dental implants, and this can make it much more difficult for these patients to make informed choices for addressing a missing tooth. Read More