Tips for Working Good Oral Hygiene into a Busy Schedule

How To Avoid Infection Around Your Dental Implants

If you have dental implants, there is going to be a small space of gum beneath the implant that is going to be very difficult for your toothbrush to reach. This is a problem because it can result in food getting stuck in this space and rotting over a short period of time. When this food rots, it can cause an infection that can threaten the integrity of your dental implants and cause you a lot of pain. Read More 

What Can You Do About Your Child’s Tooth Grinding?

If the sound of your child's teeth grinding together is driving you crazy, you probably aren't alone. The Journal of Dentistry for Children estimates that 38 percent of children grind their teeth, typically while sleeping, and it's a habit that could follow them into adulthood. Although grinding, or bruxism, is not a major concern while your child still has primary teeth, it can lead to tooth erosion and decay once his or her permanent teeth grow in. Read More 

Need A Root Canal But Avoiding Pain Killers? 3 Simple Ways To Reduce The Pain

If your dentist has recommended a root canal, you might be concerned about the pain you'll experience afterwards. This is particularly true if you try to avoid painkillers. If you prefer to avoid painkillers, you should know that there are some simple ways to dull the pain of a root canal. The natural pain relief methods provided here will help keep you comfortable while you recover from your root canal. Go For the Clove Oil Read More 

5 Avoidable Reasons A Dental Implant May Fail

Dental implants are used to replace lost teeth. To be a good candidate for a dental implant, you must have enough jawbone at the implant site to support the installation of the implant screw. The metal screw, which is usually made of titanium, is non-reactive and less likely to cause an allergic reaction or negative immune response in the patient. Still, a dental implant can fail. Here are a few avoidable reasons that a dental implant may be unsuccessful: Read More 

Tips For Getting Your Braces Off Faster

When you have braces, it can be frustrating to wait for them to actually do the job of straightening your teeth. It can take months or even years to get your teeth to the position that you want them to be in. Here are some tips for ensuring that you are able to get your braces off as quickly as possible. 1. Don't Eat Chewy Foods or Chew Gum First, you are going to want to make sure that you don't put anything in your mouth that could force the wires in your braces out of shape. Read More