Dolores Reid

Leave An Impression With Healthy, Clean Teeth

While many people detest going to the dentist, some people actually look forward to it. In fact, some people love dental hygiene and want to impress their dentist with their oral hygiene and cleanliness. Is this you? These tips can help you leave an impression on your dentist. Brush Your Entire Mouth That's right. Brushing is not only about your teeth, but this is lost on a lot of people who think they brush their teeth effectively each day. Read More 

Back To School Rules: 4 Ways To Protect Your Kids Teeth This Year

With summer quickly winding down, it's time to start planning for fall. If you have kids, that means a return to school. If you're like most people, back to school plans include new clothes and school supplies. However, back to school plans should also include plans for proper dental hygiene. Kids can experience significant dental problems during school, especially if steps aren't taken at home to protect their teeth. Here are some things you can do to help your kids avoid dental problems this school year. Read More 

3 Dental Myths Debunked

Having a healthy smile starts with brushing your teeth and ends with knowing fact from fiction. Because the internet can be filled with both true and false information, it can be hard to know how to decipher between the two. Luckily, when it comes to your oral hygiene, this article has you covered. This article will take a closer look at three dental myths and then debunk them. Are you ready to learn a little bit more? Read More 

3 Instrumental Care Steps to Take After Getting a Dental Crown

One of the more serious dental issues you may face at some point is a chipped tooth. This problem is noticeable and may hinder you from wanting to smile. Luckily, crowns are available today. They can be used to restore your chipped tooth, making it look perfectly whole again. After having a crown put in, these dental care tips are important to remember.  Sleep with a Night Guard  While you're sleeping, your upper teeth may accidentally grind against the lower section. Read More 

Ask Your Dentist If He Or She Uses Digital Smile Design

Your smile plays an important role in how you look. When you're not happy with your smile, this can be very distracting. You might find yourself not smiling as much or you may feel a lack of self-confidence. You can get around this by turning to a dentist who uses Digital Smile Design (DSD).  Using Digital Smile Design Digital Smile Design is a tool that allows your dentist to diagnose the structural issues with your mouth and jaw. Read More