What Can Cause Receding Gums In Children?

Receding gums aren't seen as often in children as they are in adults, but they can still cause the same serious dental health problems. Receding gums expose the roots of a child's teeth, allowing them to be attacked directly by plaque-causing bacteria. Roots aren't as durable as the crowns of teeth, so they're more susceptible to decay. If your child has receding gums, it's important to find out what's causing it and correct the problem in order to protect your child's oral health. Read More 

What You Shouldn’t Believe About Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most common ways to replace missing teeth. They look like real teeth and function better than dentures. However, you might have heard several untruths about dental implants that are making you reluctant to get them. Here are a few misconceptions about dental implants that you should not believe. Dental Implants Do Not Last Very Long Some people are concerned that their dental implants will not last very long. Read More 

What Causes Teeth To Become Stained

One cosmetic problem that people often have with their teeth is when their teeth become stained. However, this problem is not always due to a coffee-drinking habit. Here are a few things to know about teeth staining. What Kind Of Teeth Stains Are There?  It's important to know that there are two types of teeth stains, which are known as intrinsic and extrinsic stains. An extrinsic stain is something that can be polished off the surface of the teeth when you have regular dental cleaning done. Read More 

5 Invisalign Questions For New Users

Have you recently started the process of straightening your teeth with Invisalign, and now have questions about the process? Here are a few common questions you may have as a new user of these invisible braces.  How Long Do The Attachments Stay On Your Teeth? In order for the alignment trays to stay on your teeth, your dentist installed small attachment points on your teeth so that the trays can stay in place. Read More 

Teeth Whitening: Benefits Of Using A Dentist Versus Over-The-Counter Products

If you have stained teeth, there are two main teeth whitening solutions you can choose. The two solutions include over-the-counter teeth whitening products or professional teeth whitening services offered by dentists Most people opt for over-the-counter teeth whitening products because they are more affordable. But professional teeth whitening services can provide more benefits and better results. Hence, here are three reasons to opt for professional teeth whitening services instead of over-the-counter products. Read More