Snacks That Can Benefit Your Oral Health

The foods that you eat play a big role in your overall health. However, those foods can play a big role in the health of your mouth as well. If you are looking for ways to improve the health of your teeth, consider incorporating the following snacks into your diet instead of those loaded with sugar.


You may not realize that cranberries have the ability to fight off tooth decay thanks to certain properties that assist with getting rid of bacteria. If the bacteria cannot build up in your mouth, you'll have cleaner breath and teeth as a result. Try having a small amount of cranberry juice in between meals to prevent plaque formation.

Crunchy Fruits And Vegetables

Start by keeping more crunchy fruits and vegetables on hand if you want to improve the health of your teeth. Eating fruits can help you fight off those sweet tooth cravings with some natural sugar that has not been added to your food, but the crunchiness of the food also helps prevent all types of food residue from sticking to your teeth. You'll need to chew a lot to break those foods down, which stimulates saliva. Saliva plays a key role in washing the sugars off your teeth instead of leaving them there for the rest of the day.

Carrots make for a great vegetable that is easy to have on hand. The carrots will rub against your teeth as you chew them, which creates a scrubbing effect that can help keep your teeth clean. If you have sugars on your teeth, carrots can help get rid of them. 


The phosphorus and calcium found in yogurt are great for your oral health. Yogurt contains minerals that are known to assist with fortifying teeth, which tend to wear down over time by chewing and talking. Phosphorus and calcium can help strengthen the bones in your body, which extends to your teeth. The yogurt also plays a role in neutralizing pH levels inside your mouth, creating an environment that is hard for bacteria to grow in. 


Orange slices not only make for a great snack but can improve the health of your teeth thanks to vitamin C. This helps your mouth be less likely to have gum disease, which is known to happen in people with vitamin C deficiencies. Any citrus fruit with vitamin C will work well if you are not a fan of eating oranges.

For more information about oral health, contact your local dentist's office.