What Causes Teeth To Become Stained

One cosmetic problem that people often have with their teeth is when their teeth become stained. However, this problem is not always due to a coffee-drinking habit. Here are a few things to know about teeth staining.

What Kind Of Teeth Stains Are There? 

It's important to know that there are two types of teeth stains, which are known as intrinsic and extrinsic stains. An extrinsic stain is something that can be polished off the surface of the teeth when you have regular dental cleaning done. Intrinsic stains can be much more difficult to correct because they are stains within your teeth. 

Why Do Intrinsic Stains Form?

The main reason that someone can have intrinsic stains is because of some sort of trauma being caused to their teeth. This can happen if they were playing a contact sport and got hit in their face or were in a car accident where their teeth took on a big impact. The side effects of this sort of injury may not be apparent for a very long time. You'll notice that your teeth start turning a different color and may not even associate it with the incident that caused it.

Aging is another reason that intrinsic stains can form since your teeth become yellow or darker as you become older. There is not much you can do to prevent this from happening, but you can whiten your teeth or get dental veneers. 

Not getting the right amount of fluoride when you are younger can also cause problems with your teeth. That's why it's recommended to drink water from a municipal source, such as your city's tap water, since it's regulated and won't have too much fluoride in the water. 

Why Do Extrinsic Stains Form?

Smoking and vaping are known to cause extrinsic stains since those stain particles can get into the tooth's small pores and cause stains. If you do not have your teeth regularly cleaned, it can actually turn into an intrinsic stain that is harder to get rid of. 

Vitamin deficiencies can also lead to stains, by either having too much or too little of those important vitamins. While it's not a frequent cause of staining, it can be a possible reason if you started taking new vitamins or supplements. Medications can also cause extrinsic stains, but some can cause intrinsic stains as well. 

Of course, not brushing regularly will allow plaque to turn into tartar on your teeth, which will color your teeth. There are also all the dark foods that can cause stains if they are not rinsed off your teeth after consuming them. 

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