This Is Why Your Children Should Get Their Teeth Examined Before Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, many children are already getting excited. Promises of Halloween celebrations tend to bring treats and snacks, which are fun and delicious for children to indulge in. However, it's important to make sure that your child's teeth are in good shape before they start indulging. Here's why it's so important to do this now.

Sticky and Hard Treats

Halloween is an interesting time in part because your child never knows what kind of treats they're going to come home with. When you go trick-or-treating, whatever is passed out is at the discretion of the homeowner giving it away. Candy or snacks that you may ordinarily have your child avoid could be in their bag this holiday season.

While this usually doesn't pose much of an issue, if your child has ongoing dental problems, it could make them worse. Hard and sticky snacks can cause teeth to crack, decay, or can pull out loose fillings. Eating these treats without getting their teeth taken care of first could lead to more headaches and nuisances than spooky fun.

Continuing Seasons

Halloween is just one reason why this is a great time to get your child's teeth checked out. Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons also tend to include a lot of snacks and meals that aren't ordinarily on the table. So even if your child makes it through Halloween without any problems, they could end up facing a significant tooth issue while encountering something like peanut brittle at Christmas.


While a tooth problem can potentially happen to anyone, nobody wants it to happen during the holiday season. This is a time when most people are busy getting things ready for whichever fall or winter holiday is coming up, and getting in to a dentist's office isn't always the easiest thing this time of year, especially because people often schedule their appointments in the midst of the holidays to make use of their time off from work or school. Unfortunately, this means that if your child hasn't been checked up before Halloween and ends up with a dental problem, they may either need to wait to get assistance, or they could end up having to go to an emergency dentist instead, which could be costly.

Sugary treats are normally a major part of this time of the year, so don't let them cause problems for your kids. Get their teeth checked out now so they're free to enjoy the rest of the year with all the delights that come with it. Contact a family dentist to learn more.