5 Exceptional Qualities That Every Great Dentist Must Possess

If you are looking for oral care, choosing the right dentist is a complex task as there are thousands of dental clinics in the United States. As of 2020, there were more than 201,000 licensed dentists in the US. So, take your time and evaluate several dental professionals before settling on the one who meets your dental needs and desired qualities. Some of the qualities that distinguish great dentists include:

1. Sociable

A great dentist possesses high-level social intelligence. Such dentists have an exceptional ability to navigate social environments and build relationships with everyone. In other words, they consider you more of a friend and less of a client. When you are being treated by such a person, you always feel that you are in the right place. They build rapport with you, helping in reducing any dental anxiety that you may be having. This attribute is even more vital when a dentist is handling your child. 

2. Communication Skills

Good communication is a major distinguishing element of dentistry. Studies show that good communication between a dentist and patient is associated with a more accurate diagnosis, increased efficiency, patient satisfaction, and improved health outcomes. When you make your first dental visit, please assess the dentist's communication skills. They should be in a position to discuss in detail the oral problem that you are having, existing treatment options, related costs, and available payment options.

3. Professionalism

You can judge the dentist's professionalism by looking at the dental clinic's overall environment. Start by assessing the dental office's design, workers' level of etiquette, and cleanliness. If the dentist's office is orderly and clean, it gives you confidence about their overall dental care. Thus, you can rest assured of hygienic procedures and a low risk of hospital-acquired infections.

4. Active Listeners

Listening is a vital skill that every dentist should possess. Besides the dentist's experience, active listening is one way of increasing dental apprehension. In dentistry, the inability to listen is interpreted by patients as a lack of caring, empathy, incompetence, or disinterest in their medical issues. Research shows that listening increases the dentist's credibility, improves the doctor-patient relationship, and increases the patient's confidence and rapport. During your first dental visit, evaluate the doctor's listening skills, mainly through how they display interest in your problem.

5. Caring

How do you know if a dentist cares for you? You need to check if they take the time to know you. The dental specialist enquires about your medical history and empathizes with your problem. Besides providing relevant treatment, such a doctor educates you about good oral health habits. They also actively engage you in devising a treatment plan that matches your medical needs. In this context, they are happy to explain different treatment options and allows you to choose the one that pleases you.

When considering a dentist, look for someone who will accurately examine your teeth and provide appropriate care with little discomfort. It would be best if you look for someone who will do more than simply checking your teeth. 

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