3 Instrumental Care Steps to Take After Getting a Dental Crown

One of the more serious dental issues you may face at some point is a chipped tooth. This problem is noticeable and may hinder you from wanting to smile. Luckily, crowns are available today. They can be used to restore your chipped tooth, making it look perfectly whole again. After having a crown put in, these dental care tips are important to remember. 

Sleep with a Night Guard 

While you're sleeping, your upper teeth may accidentally grind against the lower section. Although this is perfectly normal and happens to a lot of people, this grinding can cause severe damage to your dental crown. It can damage the setting and even force you to have the crown replaced potentially.

To avoid these headaches, consider wearing a night guard at night. It works like a mouthpiece to prevent your upper and lower teeth from coming in contact with each other. This way, you can ensure your crown remains perfectly intact.

Clean Regularly 

Just like regular teeth, your dental crown could experience a lot of problems if not properly cleaned each day. Good oral hygiene should be a top priority no matter what type of crown was put in your mouth by the dentist. 

Be sure to brush multiple times a day, ideally before and after each meal. Instead of using a traditional toothbrush, though, you might want to use an interdental brush. It features soft bristles that won't damage your crown. Also, flossing in between your crown will prevent an infection from spreading. 

Follow Up with Dentist 

Getting dental crowns put in is pretty standard today and you may not experience problems, but just to make sure, schedule follow-up visits with your dentist. They can thoroughly inspect the crown several weeks after it has been placed, making sure surrounding structures are healing the way they should.

During these follow-ups, your dentist will check the placement and look for infections. If they notice any potential red flag, they can address it on the spot before you have to deal with severe dental complications later on. If nothing is wrong, at least you'll know this and can go about your day in peace.

Even though one of your teeth may have chipped, doesn't mean life as you know it is over. Thanks to crowns, you can get a complete smile again. Just make sure you know what care steps to take so that this crown ends up working out perfectly long-term. Learn more about dental crowns by contacting services such as Town Center Family Dental.