The Top Reasons Why People Get Dental Implants

If you're missing one or more teeth, your dentist will have suggested a variety of methods to help correct the problem. They range from getting a dental bridge, which is when an artificial tooth is suspended between two teeth, to getting partial dentures, which are a removable dental appliance that can replace only a single tooth if necessary. However, you may have dental implant services on your radar as an option for tooth replacement. Here are some reasons why people decide to get dental implants over the other viable options.

Implants Do Not Fall Out

While dentures may be a safe, noninvasive way to replace a missing tooth, there are a lot of disadvantages to using them over dental implants. The biggest benefit that a dental implant has is that it won't fall out like dentures would. Once the implant is placed in your mouth, it's there for good. It is not going to move or shift, and you cannot even remove the dental implant on your own if you wanted to. It helps give the dental patient increased security that cannot be replicated with other dental procedures.

Implants Do Not Cause Irreversible Damage To Other Teeth

If you are missing a tooth due to an accident, chances are that the surrounding teeth are completely healthy. If you were to get a dental bridge to fix the missing tooth, it would actually require that damage is caused to those healthy teeth in order to install it. Part of getting a dental bridge is that it requires two crowns to be placed on those surrounding teeth. The process of installing the crowns means that those health teeth will have part of the tooth removed to make room for the crown. You are essentially causing irreversible damage to two of your teeth in order to fix one of them.

A dental implant is self contained to the tooth that you're replacing, with a titanium post that is installed into the jawbone. It doesn't support itself on the surrounding teeth and won't fail if you have a dental related problem with those teeth either.

Implants Require No Special Care

Once an implant has integrated with your jawbone, know that the process of caring for the implant is incredibly simple. You treat it just like a natural tooth by brushing and flossing around it. No need to get special toothpastes or cleaning solutions in order to keep it in good shape.