Reasons Dentists Recommend Tooth Extractions

Dentists will always try to repair and preserve natural teeth when they can, which means they will only recommend extracting teeth if it is absolutely necessary. There are several reasons why tooth extraction is necessary, and here are some of the reasons that dentists will recommend removing a tooth from a person's mouth:

Too much decay

Decay that is left on a tooth for a long time will rot away an entire tooth. If you detect and remove the decay right away, this will not happen, and a dentist will be able to fix and save the tooth. At some point, though, decay will take over too much of a tooth, and this tooth will reach a point at which it is irreparable. If a tooth reaches this point, there is nothing a dentist can do to fix and save it, and therefore the dentist might recommend removing it.

The teeth are not necessary

Dentists also remove teeth when the teeth are not really necessary, and this reason is most commonly associated with wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are not teeth that you really need for survival purposes. In fact, these teeth can cause more harm than good, and that is why most dentists will remove them at some point in a person's life.

Overcrowding of the teeth

There are also situations in which dentists and cosmetic dentists will remove teeth due to overcrowding. If you have a small mouth, for example, there is a chance that you will have trouble fitting all your teeth, which can lead to crooked teeth and discomfort. If this is the case, the only good resolution for the problem is to remove some of the teeth to give your mouth more space for the teeth you keep. After doing this, a person will often need braces to properly align the remaining teeth.

Loose tooth due to gum disease or trauma

One other reason a dentist will suggest removing a tooth is when the tooth is loose and cannot be fixed. A loose tooth can occur from trauma to the face or from gum disease. With gum disease, your gums recede over time. As this occurs, it can cause teeth to become loose, and there is often no way to fix these teeth. The only solution would be to remove them from your mouth.

These are the main reasons your dentist might recommend extracting a tooth from your mouth. If you have any questions about this, contact a dental clinic today.