Why Your Dental Bridge May No Longer Fit

If you wear a dental bridge, you may believe that this type of oral appliance will never need to be replaced unless it breaks. While bridges can withstand significant wear and tear, they may need to be remade or resized because they don't fit anymore. Here are some reasons why your bridge may become too tight or too loose, and how your dental bridge services professional can help:

Degenerative Bone Conditions

Degenerative bone and joint conditions such as osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis not only cause pain, inflammation, and bone destruction of the spine, hips, hands, and feet, but they can also cause problems inside for mouth.

If you have a degenerative bone condition and you wear a dental bridge, it may become too tight or too loose. When your jaw bones or the bones underneath your gum tissue change shape as a result of degenerative bone conditions, you may be unable to wear your dental bridge.

If you do wear your bridge in the presence of osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis, the bridge may slip and slide, raising your risk for friction wounds on your gums, and you may also have problems chewing and speaking.

Weight Fluctuations

If your dental bridge feels too snug or if it slips out of place, it may because you have lost or gained weight. Just like fat stores can fluctuate on your legs, abdomen, and buttocks, they can also fluctuate inside your mouth. If your weight has changed, make an appointment with your dentist.

He or she will examine your mouth and check your dental bridge to determine if you should be remeasured for a new appliance. If your dentist determines that you need a new bridge, you may be advised to refrain from wearing your old bridge.

Wearing an ill-fitting bridge not only makes chewing and eating difficult, it may also lead to extensive tissue damage inside your mouth. If you develop sores inside your mouth as a result of poor-fitting dental appliances, they may become infected if not recognized and treated as soon as possible. 

If you have a degenerative bone or joint disease or if your weight has changed more than a few pounds, see your dentist. You may need to have a new set of dental impressions or X-rays taken so that the dental lab technician can make a new bridge that will fit better and feel more comfortable inside your mouth.  Contact a clinic, like  Henderson Family Dentistry, for more help.