What To Do If You Knock Your Tooth Out

You've gotten into an accident or were playing sports, and you've knocked out your tooth as a result. If the issue is addressed quickly, the tooth can sometimes be saved. Here are the things you should do when you knock your tooth out.

Protect Your Mouth

Immediately following your mouth injury, protect your mouth against damage by placing a gauze, clean strip of cotton, or another type of material in your mouth. If your missing tooth has exposed nerves left in your mouth, exposure to oxygen can make the nerve damage irreparable.

You don't want to expose your mouth or injured tooth area to germs, debris, or air, so try to keep your mouth closed. If you have a gaping hole in your mouth, have a concussion, or are experiencing nausea, ample blood loss, or other problems, seek emergency medical or dental care.

Locate the Tooth

If you can, find the tooth that got knocked out. Your dentist may be able to place the tooth back into your mouth if the enamel isn't severely chipped or if the tooth came out at its root. If you find the tooth, try to touch the root as little as possible to avoid harming or killing the roots. Place your tooth in your mouth if you can as your own saliva will help protect or preserve the tooth. If you can't open your mouth, then place the tooth in a glass of milk. Head straight to the dentist.

If you can place your tooth back in your mouth, put your tooth back in the dental socket from where it came from. This is the best way to up your chances of getting your tooth put back in. Bite hard on the tooth to keep it in place.

Find an Emergency Dentist

Most dentists allow for dental emergencies to take precedence over appointment cases. If you've injured your tooth after regular dental hours, find an emergency dentist who features off-hour services or go to the emergency room for care. Take your tooth with you if you've found it and continue to protect your mouth with clean gauze or material.

Having a tooth knocked out is a scary experience. Luckily, your dentist will be able to examine your mouth and make repairs to your teeth as needed. Don't try to fix your broken tooth on your own. A knocked out tooth can be repaired if you get to the dentist promptly, so hurry and get dental help as soon as you can.

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