How To Avoid Chiclet Teeth When Seeking Smile Enhancement

The term "chiclet teeth" is used to describe artificially enhanced teeth that look like chiclet gum. Chiclet teeth look artificial, and anyone that sees you with such teeth will automatically know that your smile isn't natural. Tell your dentist if you don't want to end up with such teeth; the dentist will know what to do. Here are a few tips that may help.

Getting Shapes That Are Roughly Similar to Natural Teeth

Natural teeth have a certain shape people are used to. For example, the incisors are chisel-shaped while the canines are sharp and pointy. Departing too far from this shape will make people automatically know that you have artificial teeth. If you get perfectly rectangular shapes, for example, it will be obvious to everyone that you have artificial teeth because natural teeth aren't perfectly rectangular.

Avoiding Dramatic Changes in Sizes

Your teeth go with your mouth; that is, the shape and size of your teeth match the shape of your face and mouth. This means your face will look a bit odd if you get extraordinarily big or small teeth. Therefore, even if your teeth are small or big, and you want a change in sizes, don't make the changes too dramatic.

Creating Subtle Differences between the Teeth

Look at your teeth in the mirror or look at another person's smile. You will notice that the teeth are not all of the same sizes, colors, or shapes. In fact, this is even the case with those who have beautiful smiles. Therefore, if you get teeth that are all the same as far as size, shape, and color are concerned, you will be announcing to the world that they are fake.

Avoiding Ultra Whiteness

The eventual color you end up with will also determine whether your teeth look natural or not. If you look keenly at natural teeth, even those that look "white," they aren't perfectly white. Therefore, don't bleach your teeth to the whitest possible color if you don't want to attract stares from people. It's also advisable to leave translucence areas around the edges of the teeth since that is how natural teeth look.

Creating Subtle Imperfections

Lastly, nobody is ever born with perfect teeth if the literal meaning of the term is to be used. Some are whiter than others, some have a dent or two, some are slightly sharper than others and others overlap a little. Creating one or two of such imperfections will make your "perfect" teeth look more natural.

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