Cosmetic Dentistry Is Something To Smile About If You Work In These Careers

Many people long to have an eye-catching smile, but a set of straight pearly whites can be particularly desirable if you work in certain jobs. When you're in the public eye, a set of stained or crooked teeth might not work to your advantage — and you may be concerned that people are focusing on your teeth rather than what you're saying. This can especially be the case if your teeth are particularly bad. Help can come in the form of cosmetic dentistry. Your local cosmetic dentist can suggest several options, including veneers, whitening, and even dental implants, that can give you the smile you want — and this can especially be helpful in the following careers:

Real Estate

Many real estate agents work to project a successful and lucrative image. The thought process behind this mentality is as follows — if you're an agent who evidently has money, it's a sign that you're busy in the industry. This is why many agents drive higher-end vehicles, and it can be effective for recruiting clients. If your smile is poor, many prospective clients will notice — and some of them may assume that you're not successful enough in real estate to get your teeth corrected. When you visit a cosmetic dentist for this work, you'll project a better image to prospective clients.

TV News

People trust their local television reporters and anchors to inform them about what's going on, but the average person wants these media personalities to also look their best. TV journalists often wear fancy outfits and use makeup and professional hair styling to look good, but a set of bad teeth can be a focal point for people. Whether you're a reporter getting the story in the community or an anchor reading the nightly news, a straight and white smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry will match your professional demeanor and project the image you want.


Teachers, especially at the high school level, dress professionally and work hard to project a mature appearance. Additionally, teachers want to be confident; a lack of confidence in front of the classroom can invite disruption. If you're a teacher who isn't happy about his or her smile, cosmetic dentistry can be a good choice. A better smile will match your sharp-looking outfit, while also helping you to feel more confident in front of your students. This can especially be valuable if you're a new teacher and are looking for an edge to feel more comfortable.