Denture Patient Questions And Concerns Answered

The restoration of your smile can be a critical goal after you have lost some of your teeth. When you lose your teeth, you will have numerous smile restoration options. One of the oldest and most affordable options for addressing this particular dental option is dentures.

How Will Your Dentures Stay In Place?

Individuals may have seen denture adhesive commercials on television, and this can lead them to assume that this is how dentures are held in place. However, full dentures will be held in place with a design that will create powerful suction. Partial dentures will be anchored in place to the closest teeth to the gap.

Are Full Or Partial Dentures Comfortable To Wear?

After you first get your dentures, you may be worried about whether you will find them comfortable to wear. While you might assume that these dentures will be extremely unpleasant, patients typically adjust to wearing them fairly quickly. During the transition period, you may want to be cautious when eating or speaking as you may need some time to learn to speak and chew naturally after getting the dentures. Also, you might want to only wear the dentures for a few hours a day for the few days immediately after you get them as this will help your gums get accustomed to having the dentures on top of them.

Can All Dentures Be Removed?

It is often assumed that all dentures can be easily removed by the patient. Yet, there are some partial dentures that are designed to be permanently in the mouth. These dentures will stay attached to the neighboring teeth, and they will typically be the most secure-fitting type of denture. However, if a problem arises with these dentures, you may have to wear them until you are able to have them repaired. Another restriction on using this type of denture is that the neighboring teeth will have to be healthy and strong enough to support the partial denture.

Will You Need To Whiten Your Dentures?

Ensuring that your new denture stays a natural shade of white is important for keeping them discreet. Patients may often assume that they will need to whiten their dentures in the same manner that they did with their natural teeth. Yet, this can actually be highly damaging to dentures as the whitening solutions can warp and damage the dentures. In response, dentures are designed to be highly resistant to staining so that this should not be a major issue as long as you clean the dentures every day.

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