5 Factors To Ponder Before Having Cosmetic Dental Work Done

Cosmetic dentistry can drastically alter the appearance of your teeth, but it isn't something that you should embark on without knowing all the details. You might be satisfied with a few rounds of tooth whitening or believe that getting dental implants installed will finally give you the straight, white teeth that you have always desired. In any case, here are five factors that you should go over with your cosmetic dentist so that you will end up with a smile to be proud of.

1. The Current State Of Your Oral Health - If you have any infections of the gums or your cosmetic dentist has concerns about excess plaque and tartar, you are probably going to need to improve your oral health prior to an elective dental service being performed. This means that people who regularly have their teeth professionally cleaned are the best candidates for cosmetic dental procedures. Regular brushing and flossing really is the way to go if you are intent on having a beautiful smile.

2. Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Recovery - Some cosmetic dentistry procedures require very little downtime, but you might need to make advanced recovery plans if you are going to undergo dental implant installation. Just ask your cosmetic dentist when you will be able to resume eating normally and if you will be expected to take time off from work before having any type of procedure performed.

3. Costs Associated With Cosmetic Dental Work - Since most cosmetic dental procedures are considered to be elective, you will need to either pay for all services in full or successfully obtain financing. Unlike going to a general dentist and getting your dental insurance to pick up the costs, you need to pay for your own x-rays and consultation fees if you want cosmetic dental work.

4. Understanding Your Cosmetic Dentistry Expectations - You might give your cosmetic dentist a picture of your favorite celebrity and ask if you can get the same results, but your expectations may not mirror what is safely obtainable. On the other hand, there are people who are willing to have a substantial amount of cosmetic dental work performed so that their teeth look picture perfect.

5. Finding A Cosmetic Dentist Who Listens - Although the goal of having cosmetic dentistry performed is to enhance the way that your teeth look, you need to feel comfortable when making your preferences known. Talk to your dentist about what can be done to correct your underbite or get your teeth several shades whiter. Great cosmetic dentists always listen to their patients and put their needs front and center. Contact a professional like Davis R Troup DDS PA to learn more.