Commonly Asked Pediatric Dental Concerns

Pediatric dental problems can be a serious issue that many parents find themselves needing to address. To this end, it is critical to be accurately and thoroughly informed when it concerns some basic problems that can be experienced.

What Steps Can You Take To Protect Your Child Against Tooth Decay?

There are few dental problems that are as common as tooth decay. This can be particularly problematic for children as they struggle with using the correct brushing and flossing techniques. Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to reduce the odds of your child's teeth becoming decayed. In particular, the use of dental sealants can greatly enhance the durability of your child's back teeth. These sealants will form an almost impermeable layer that will limit the ability of bacteria to damage the teeth. Also, you should brush your teeth with your child whenever possible so that you can monitor their technique and so that they can learn from watching you brush your teeth.

What Is Causing Your Child's Teeth To Become Sensitive?

Your child may start to complain about increasing tooth sensitivity. This can be particularly common when eating foods and drinking beverages that are especially hot or cold. Enhanced tooth sensitivity can often be traced back to either damaged enamel or diseased gums. Both of these issues have the potential to lead to serious dental problems if they are not addressed. In instances where the enamel is damaged, decay can set into the damaged teeth, but this issue can be repaired with the use of dental bonding that can supplement the protection offered by the dental enamel. Gum disease is often a product of poor dental hygiene, and if left untreated, it can cause your child's permanent teeth to start to loosen and fall out.  

Is It Normal For Your Child To Regularly Grind Their Teeth Against Each Other?

Grinding teeth is a habit that many people develop over the course of their lives. Often, this is a byproduct of an increase in stress, but it can also be a natural phase for many children to experience due to the discomfort of adult teeth growing in. In most instances, children will grow out of this phase relatively quickly and they will not experience long-term dental problems. However, if your child is going through this phase for a prolonged period of time or their grinding is especially severe, it may be necessary to have them wear a special mouth guard at night to help break this habit before serious tooth damage can result. To learn more, visit a website like