Toddler Chipped A Tooth? What You Need To Do

If you're the parent of a toddler, you probably spend most of your time protecting your adventurous little one from injury. Unfortunately, in this instance, they sneaked off, had an accident and now you have a piece of their tooth in your hand. While this is not the ideal situation, realize that this is far from the end of the world.


Children, especially toddlers, look to their parents for cues on how to react in certain situations. More than likely, your little one has stopped crying by now and has moved on to some other activity. Don't send them into a panic by freaking out.

Stay calm and relaxed so that you can keep them settled and so that you can think more clearly. A chipped tooth is something that a dentist can typically treat. Take a deep breath and call the dentist for an appointment and instructions.

Check For More Injuries

Look and feel around in their mouth to spot any more injuries. If they suffered the chipped tooth during a fall, when the tooth became dislodged it could have easily cut their gums. In this case, you want to rinse your hands, saturate a cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide and gently massage it over the area.

Just make sure the swab isn't dripping because you don't want them to swallow the peroxide. You also want to check to see if any other teeth may have loosened in the process so that you can keep an eye on them until their visit.

Examine Your Options

As previously mentioned, most chips can be resolved, but there are a number of ways in which this can be achieved. Prior to your appointment, learn about some of the options available so that you will be prepared to make a more informed decision.

If a large part of their tooth was lost and it is in the front of their mouth or will have an impact on their chewing ability, the dentist may suggest a bonding method. If the chip is minor, simply filing down the tooth might be an option, especially if your child is nearing the age when they will start losing their teeth.

Swift action is vital in this instance. The longer you wait to take your child into a provider, the greater the potential for long-term damage. Call and make a dental emergency appointment right away to protect your little one's oral health.