3 Ways To Treat A Child With Misaligned Teeth

It is important as a parent to protect your child from lifelong dental problems caused by misaligned teeth. Malocclusion or misaligned teeth is a condition where the teeth are not aligned properly, crooked, crowed or the jaws do not meet properly.

This condition can make it hard to keep your gums and teeth clean when not treated early. It can also increase the risk of gum disease and cavities. Here are three ways to treat a child with misaligned teeth.

Look Into Braces

Orthodontics for kids are one of the ways to correct malocclusion. Your dentist can straighten your teeth in a variety of ways with the use of braces. Traditional braces align your teeth by applying pressure. Small brackets are cemented to your teeth that are connected by a wire. They are periodically tightened by your dentist to gradually shift your jaw and teeth.

The brackets can be teeth colored or metal. They also can be placed behind your teeth. The length of time your child has to wear depends on the problem your dentist is trying to fix. However, the average time for a child to wear braces is two years.

There is also a period that your child will have to wear a retainer after getting the braces removed. Today's braces are more comfortable and does not require as many adjustments.

Wear A Night Guard

A night guard is one of the ways to treat malocclusion. It is made of acrylic plastic that fits your lower or upper jaw. The night guard relaxes your masticatory muscles. The masticatory muscles are located in your jaw. They help you chew and grind food into small pieces.

The night guard is worn at night to stop bad habits like grinding your teeth. Bad habits like grinding chips and knock your teeth out of position. A night guard prevents you from damaging your teeth and jaw.

Remove Baby Teeth

Crowding is one of the reason for misaligned teeth in children. This means your child still has baby teeth that needs to make room for the permanent ones. Your dentist has to remove the baby teeth to allow the permanent teeth to grow in.

It is important to start your child early with good dental habits. Regular dentist appointments mean catching dental problems early. A condition like malocclusion is not something you want to let go untreated. Leaving it untreated can destroy your teeth in the long run. Contact a business, such as James W. Logeman D.D.S. M.S., for more information.