Tips To Stop Grinding Your Teeth While You Sleep

Many people have a bad habit of grinding their teeth. This most commonly occurs at night while they sleep and they may not even be aware that it is happening. Teeth grinding can be very damaging to the teeth, gums and jawline. If this problem is not corrected it may even result in the loss of teeth over time.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to put an end to this and prevent more damage to your teeth. These are some helpful tips to stop grinding your teeth:

Avoid Caffeine

Consuming foods and drinks that contain caffeine frequently can contribute to teeth grinding. Caffeine is a stimulant that can make the nerves of the jaws overly active and this can lead to clenching and grinding the teeth.

If you cannot remove caffeine from your diet completely, avoid consuming it in the late evening hours. This gives you extra time to get it out of your system before you lay down to sleep at night. The less stimulated you are when you lay down to rest, the less likely you are to grind your teeth. This also makes for a much more restful sleep as well.

Chew Only When Eating 

Often simple habits like chewing gum or chewing on pens and pencils can lead to teeth grinding. This trains the jaw muscles to be in a clenching position and teeth grinding seems like a natural thing to do while sleeping.

If you have always enjoyed the taste of chewing gum, try letting mints dissolve in your mouth instead so that you will not need to chew. If you only chew when eating, your teeth will be clenched less frequently. 

Reduce the Stress in Your Life

It is not uncommon for teeth grinding to be a result of an overly-stressful lifestyle. Many people have reduced the stress in their lives and this has put an end to their nightly teeth grinding. If you feel stress may be triggering this problem, it is a good idea to take steps to relieve it.

Seek stress-reducing counseling, start exercising regularly or take time for yourself just to relax. Getting a deep tissue massage a few times a week is another great way to reduce the stress in your life. Even taking an hour for yourself each night to have a warm, relaxing bath before you go to bed can decrease the stress you are feeling and help stop your teeth grinding.

If these methods do not work, your dentist can make you a special mouth guard to wear every night. This will prevent your teeth from grinding and protect them from further damage. To learn more, contact a company like Silverado Family Dental with any questions you have.