Two Dental Care Questions You May Need Addressed

A bright and healthy smile is an essential part of almost everyone's appearance, but there are many issues that cause cosmetic issues and painful problems. While a dentist can correct many of these issues, some people may want the answers to a couple of questions when they are considering their treatment options. 

Can Dentists Treat Cold Sores Or Ulcers?

Cold sores and ulcers are a relatively common problems that can strike anyone. In addition to being unsightly, these issues can be extremely painful, and they can make it difficult to speak or eat. Not surprisingly, many people want to go to the dentist to have these problems treated. 

Sadly, there are limited treatment options available for these conditions. This stems from the underlying problems that cause these issues. For example, cold sores are caused by a virus, and there is currently no way for modern medicine to kill a virus. As a result, your dentist will only be able to prescribe medications and ointments that help alleviate the pain while your body fights off the virus. 

Ulcers are often caused by something rubbing on your gums or lips, and while they are painful, they are usually relatively harmless. To correct this issue, your dentist will prescribe something for the discomfort, and look for the underlying cause of the problem. If you have braces or bridges, they may need to be adjusted to prevent them from rubbing on your mouth and causing ulcers. 

Which Teeth Should You Have Sealed?

Some dental patients are not aware of the fact that they can have their teeth sealed. However, seals can be effective ways of drastically improving the durability of your teeth. These seals form a barrier that will inhibit the ability of plaque and bacteria to eat through the enamel on your teeth. While this can help prevent decay, it is not a viable option for all of your teeth. 

Typically, this is only suitable for your back teeth. The wide and grooved surfaces of these teeth make them more susceptible to decay. Conversely, your front teeth do not have these flat surfaces, and this make them less likely to benefit from sealing. 

Dental health is an important part of both your overall health and appearance. Yet, dental medicine is a topic that most people do not know much about, and they may need these couple of questions addressed. Hopefully, after learning the answers to these common questions, you will be better able to make smart choices for your dental health needs. Any further questions should be directed to professionals, such as those from Medin Family Dental.