3 Things Adults Should Know Before Getting Invisalign

Invisalign, also called clear braces, is a system many people turn to for achieving straighter teeth, and many people who get Invisalign are adults. This is a great system for adults to choose when they want straighter teeth, but there are a few important things you should know before getting them, simply so that you know exactly what to expect. It Will Take Some Time to Get Used to Speaking with Them Read More 

Reasons Dentists Recommend Tooth Extractions

Dentists will always try to repair and preserve natural teeth when they can, which means they will only recommend extracting teeth if it is absolutely necessary. There are several reasons why tooth extraction is necessary, and here are some of the reasons that dentists will recommend removing a tooth from a person's mouth: Too much decay Decay that is left on a tooth for a long time will rot away an entire tooth. Read More 

No Time To Floss? Consider The Time That You’ll Invest If You Don’t

If you seldom floss your teeth, you might have many reasons for avoiding this important oral care task. One of the most common reasons for failing to floss is the amount of time that it takes; the American Dental Association notes that 55% of people who aren't daily flossers skip flossing because they believe that it's too time-consuming. There's little doubt that flossing takes some time, and it can also take time to get into the habit of flossing daily. Read More 

Why Your Dental Bridge May No Longer Fit

If you wear a dental bridge, you may believe that this type of oral appliance will never need to be replaced unless it breaks. While bridges can withstand significant wear and tear, they may need to be remade or resized because they don't fit anymore. Here are some reasons why your bridge may become too tight or too loose, and how your dental bridge services professional can help: Degenerative Bone Conditions Read More 

What’s Special About Women’s Oral Health

There are plenty of factors that go into oral health that affect men and women equally. However, it might surprise you to learn that a woman's reproductive system has a big role to play in their oral health. Here's what women should know about their oral health and how it's affected by the reproductive system's processes. Hormones Hormones are the main reason why women experience oral health problems. Women have varying levels of hormones depending on their overall health and their reproductive cycle. Read More